The Only 2 Types Of Posts That Work For Realtors

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Wall Posting Do’s And Don’ts

In this video we’re going to talk more about the do’s and don’ts of your wall posting on Facebook.

I’m going to try and simplify wall posting for real estate agents. There are really only two types of Facebook Posts you should ever do on your wall.

Entertainment Works On Facebook

The first type is a post that is entertaining people. Now why do you want to entertain people? Well, it keeps you top of mind, makes people like you, and quite frankly Entertainment is what Facebook’s all about. People are on Facebook for entertainment and fun and socializing so entertaining types of wall posts work.

Your Facebook posts should be entertaining people with great ideas, beautiful homes, things to aspire to have, a design ideas for their kitchen or their house.

Entertaining (and getting LIKES) is absolutely one of your objectives when you’re posting. And what you’ll find is that entertaining posts will get 30 to 50 times more engagement — and by engagement I mean likes, comments, and shares — then non-entertaining types of posts.

Now, what do I mean by non-entertaining Facebook posts?

Well this is a great segue to what NOT to post. And unfortunately this next thing is something that over 90% of Realtors are doing completely wrong day in and day out.

Why Informational Posts Flop

Do not post informational content. And to take a look at informational types of posts, I’m simply going to do a quick random search on Facebook. I’m sure I’ll find a Facebook page for a random realtor here, and I guarantee you there doing mostly informational posts incorrectly.

The first post is wrong — it is an informational post about 8 things your appliances are trying to tell you. It got just one like yet this page has 732 fans!

Let’s go to next post. 15 reasons to buy a house in the next 5 months.

Zero likes comments and shares 0 engagements.

Are you staring to see a pattern here?

Why do informational Facebook posts flop?

Well informational post go counter-intuitive to why people are on Facebook. We already said people are on Facebook for entertainment fun and socializing; they are NOT on Facebook for information.

If somebody wants to know facts or figures or information or real estate news or statistics or something factual in nature, they go right to Google, they type exactly what you’re looking for, and they get the answer in 3 seconds.

Look, people do not just randomly run around on Facebook looking to absorb and learn more information. No, Facebook is the place people go after work to decompress, relax, and have fun, be entertained, play games, and socialize.

Informational posts aren’t entertaining people so you’re not get any kind of engagement. You’re not staying top of mind very well because you’re not getting any engagement. You’re not getting any viral marketing either because nobody is sharing these kind of posts.

Simply put, say No to informational Facebook posts, and say YES on entertaining posts and photos of houses and designs and landscapes — all things associated with beautiful homes.

You Must Lead Generate on Facebook Too

Now, we said entertaining people is one thing to do we said informing people is one thing not to do.

There is one other type of post that you should be doing and that post is a lead generating post.

So let me see if I can find one that’s lead generating.

OK — on a different page I found someone lead generating with one of their wall posts. And this is absolutely fine to do. In fact, you have to do this because it fulfills your leads objective.

What is this, see your home value instantly 2 easy steps and then a link. That link is going to take people to a page where they can sign up to get up there home value (a free home evaluation). That is a lead generating post. You absolutely want to do that because your whole objective on Facebook is to get leads and to grow your business.

So absolutely lead generating post are fine to do and you should do them.

The other post type is an entertainment type of post.

I hope that simplifies for you the two types of post you should do and the type of posts you should not do.

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