1 Easy Tweak for More Leads INSIDE Facebook

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Adjusted Video Transcript follows:

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to get more out of your Navigation Bar on your Facebook Page.

And by Navigation Bar, I mean the area of your Facebook Page that displays your tab links from left to right under your cover photo. NOTE: While all tab links are visible on Laptops and Desktops, the Facebook mobile app only displays the standard tab links (e.g., About, Photos, etc.)

Each of the links on your Navigation Bar represents a tab or a web page inside your Facebook Business Page.

And, I’m going to show you how to rearrange these links and tabs to get more leads out of your Real Estate Facebook page.

So let’s take a look at a real estate Facebook page.

The page has several lead capture page tabs listed under the more section of the navigation bar. And there are two really good ones for lead capture. There’s a “What’s Your Home Worth” lead capture page for home sellers and a Foreclosure Hot List page for home buyers.

Now, you don’t want the lead capture pages buried under the “more” tab of your Navigation Bar. Instead, you want those important lead capture tabs front and center. And the great news is that you can shift the positioning of all of these tabs to make your most important tabs more visible to more people.

Want to know the specific steps on how to rearrange your Facebook Page tabs for more visibility and more leads?

Watch the video above to see exactly how to do it, step-by-step.

The Only 2 Types Of Posts That Work For Realtors

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Find the Video Training Transcript Below…

2 wall post types that work 600 400 The Only 2 Types Of Posts That Work For Realtors

Wall Posting Do’s And Don’ts

In this video we’re going to talk more about the do’s and don’ts of your wall posting on Facebook.

I’m going to try and simplify wall posting for real estate agents. There are really only two types of Facebook Posts you should ever do on your wall.

Entertainment Works On Facebook

The first type is a post that is entertaining people. Now why do you want to entertain people? Well, it keeps you top of mind, makes people like you, and quite frankly Entertainment is what Facebook’s all about. People are on Facebook for entertainment and fun and socializing so entertaining types of wall posts work.

Your Facebook posts should be entertaining people with great ideas, beautiful homes, things to aspire to have, a design ideas for their kitchen or their house.

Entertaining (and getting LIKES) is absolutely one of your objectives when you’re posting. And what you’ll find is that entertaining posts will get 30 to 50 times more engagement — and by engagement I mean likes, comments, and shares — then non-entertaining types of posts.

Now, what do I mean by non-entertaining Facebook posts?

Well this is a great segue to what NOT to post. And unfortunately this next thing is something that over 90% of Realtors are doing completely wrong day in and day out.

Why Informational Posts Flop

Do not post informational content. And to take a look at informational types of posts, I’m simply going to do a quick random search on Facebook. I’m sure I’ll find a Facebook page for a random realtor here, and I guarantee you there doing mostly informational posts incorrectly.

The first post is wrong — it is an informational post about 8 things your appliances are trying to tell you. It got just one like yet this page has 732 fans!

Let’s go to next post. 15 reasons to buy a house in the next 5 months.

Zero likes comments and shares 0 engagements.

Are you staring to see a pattern here?

Why do informational Facebook posts flop?

Well informational post go counter-intuitive to why people are on Facebook. We already said people are on Facebook for entertainment fun and socializing; they are NOT on Facebook for information.

If somebody wants to know facts or figures or information or real estate news or statistics or something factual in nature, they go right to Google, they type exactly what you’re looking for, and they get the answer in 3 seconds.

Look, people do not just randomly run around on Facebook looking to absorb and learn more information. No, Facebook is the place people go after work to decompress, relax, and have fun, be entertained, play games, and socialize.

Informational posts aren’t entertaining people so you’re not get any kind of engagement. You’re not staying top of mind very well because you’re not getting any engagement. You’re not getting any viral marketing either because nobody is sharing these kind of posts.

Simply put, say No to informational Facebook posts, and say YES on entertaining posts and photos of houses and designs and landscapes — all things associated with beautiful homes.

You Must Lead Generate on Facebook Too

Now, we said entertaining people is one thing to do we said informing people is one thing not to do.

There is one other type of post that you should be doing and that post is a lead generating post.

So let me see if I can find one that’s lead generating.

OK — on a different page I found someone lead generating with one of their wall posts. And this is absolutely fine to do. In fact, you have to do this because it fulfills your leads objective.

What is this, see your home value instantly 2 easy steps and then a link. That link is going to take people to a page where they can sign up to get up there home value (a free home evaluation). That is a lead generating post. You absolutely want to do that because your whole objective on Facebook is to get leads and to grow your business.

So absolutely lead generating post are fine to do and you should do them.

The other post type is an entertainment type of post.

I hope that simplifies for you the two types of post you should do and the type of posts you should not do.

Can You Double Your Seller Leads With Just 3 Clicks?

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Find the Video Training Transcript Below…

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to double your seller leads just 3 clicks. So let’s get started.

Where will you be using this technique?

You’ll be using it on Facebook, and if you’re not using Facebook , you really need to be. Facebook is now the most powerful way to get home seller leads online because it has every local consumer in your neighborhood. And Facebook users are on Facebook more than any other place online.

And with some of the changes in Craigslist, Craigslist is just not the advertising platform it used to be. You see, Craigslist has now banned your ability to post clickable links to your website and they’ve added a lot of other restrictions.

So Facebook is so now that the primary place to get seller leads online for your real estate business.

And what we’re looking at here is the Facebook advertising platform. It’s the first page when you get into the advertising system, and all you need to use this system is a Facebook business page (also known as a “fan page”).

So the seller leads technique shown in this video is something every Realtor could be doing. And the three clicks technique I’m going to show you applies to the “click to website” advertising method and “page post engagement” method.

For this demonstration, I will start with the “clicks the website” option. In this example, we just want to advertise a real estate web page. Maybe we advertise a “what’s your home worth” web page that we have on our website to get seller leads.

The first step is get a web page link — copy it, then paste it into this box. This is the URL we want to promote or advertise. Next, click this blue box below the link we pasted. The Facebook system will automatically pull in some details about the web page we’re advertising.

Create Your Facebook Ad

It’s time to scroll down a little to the next section where we will create our Ad.

For this step you want to have an advertising image if you’re not good with graphic design later this video show you how to get a custom advertising graphic done for you it’s fully compliant with the Facebook advertising platform.

Click “upload image”, and I will grab a graphic from my computer that I want to use as my advertisement. Once I’ve done that, I scroll down to create my Ad.

Now we choose the Facebook page that we want to advertise with in this section. Then we put in a short headline and a little more text for the body of our Ad.

Be sure to write something short and sweet like “get your home value free by email” when going for seller leads. Then select a call to action button like “Learn More”.

Choose Your Target Audience

Let’s move on to the “target audience” section.

This is where the three clicks method comes into play.

Facebook is just incredible because of the amount of targeting of your audience you can do.

The first thing you want to do is identify the local city that you want your seller leads from.

Then, we absolutely want to filter out teenagers in early twenties since this is a home seller leads advertisement we’re running.

So let’s just target people that are age 28 or over.

Now let me show you the three clicks to double your seller lead results… this is all very new in Facebook. You see, Facebook starting is becoming more and more powerful everyday here are the 3 clicks.

And remember, you want do this for every single seller advertisement or promotion you’re running to get more seller leads.

Click one, click two, and click three.

So what did we just do there?

We targeted just people who are classified as homeowners. So if you’re running a seller advertisement or seller leads promotion you certainly don’t want to be running it to renters.

You just want to run your ad to people who are currently homeowners — make sense right?

And with these 3 clicks, you are going to filter out a massive number of people who would otherwise never respond to your seller ad. And because of that, your ad is simply going to be much much more effective.

So you now know how to target all local homeowners in your city using Facebook ads. Now you just need a good seller lead capture promotion to advertise to them.

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Get More Facebook Leads Daily

planet marketing 300 Get More Facebook Leads Daily

Is a Facebook Promoted Post the Most Powerful?

Want to get more real estate leads from Facebook?

While there are several techniques that work, the Facebook Promoted Post could be the most powerful marketing technique for Realtors today.

When you combine Promoted Posts with a great video landing page for one of your real estate promotions PLUS a lead capture contact form, getting leads on a daily basis is very possible.

Watch the video below to see how 1 of our clients is getting numerous real estate leads everyday using this technique.

In this video example, our client got 5 leads in just 3 days PLUS 19 new Likes/followers for under $25 total.

What one Realtor is doing to get Facebook leads everyday!


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 Get More Facebook Leads Daily

Add a New Tab to your Real Estate Facebook Page

You can never have too many ways to capture leads in your Real Estate Facebook Page.  The more you have, the more messages you can use to get clients interested in your services and promotions.

Want to add more sales pages and lead capture forms to your Facebook business page?  

Watch the video below to see how clients of Get 100 Listings can in just minutes!

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How to Post on Facebook Real Estate Pages

When you learn how to post effectively on your Facebook real estate page, it becomes obvious how powerful Facebook marketing can be for your real estate business.

Allow us to dissect the anatomy of a Facebook post and show you the raw power of one single post on your Facebook real estate page wall.

The Anatomy of a Post

organic vs viral How to Post on Facebook Real Estate Pages

The viral nature of a Facebook Post

When you dissect an effective Facebook wall post, like the one you see at the right, you’ll find 4 sections.

  1. The photo or video content
  2. The headline
  3. The interaction or engagement section
  4. The analytics/ stats

Let’s look a little closer at each of the 4 sections.

1. It all starts with great content

If you want to get more from your real estate Facebook page, make sure you ALWAYS post with a photo or video.

Photos are eye-catching and interesting.  Not only do pictures tell a thousand words about your real estate page, but they make your business look interesting.  And “interesting” = Likes.

And not only do photos make you look more interesting, but the engagement rate on your posts can be up to 50x higher on average.

That’s right — up to 50x higher!

Don’t believe it?  See for yourself.

Visit the Facebook page of houzz.com.  Look at how many Likes, Comments, and Shares they get when they use a full-size photo on one of their Facebook posts.  Then look at how many interactions they get when they just post a link (a link will have the little cameo image to the left of the text block).  Pretty clear, right?

But why is more engagement important?  Engagement is your FREE marketing.  That’s right — every time someone Likes, Comments, or Shares your photo, it tells their friends about your business page automatically.

That’s FREE marketing.  If you’re not getting engagement on your Facebook real estate page wall posts, you’re just wasting time posting!

Get engagement for the free, viral marketing only Facebook can provide.

2. The headline — Ask for engagement

When you post your headline on your Facebook real estate page, keep two things in mind.

First, short and sweet works better.  80 characters or less is best practice — people just don’t like to read long paragraphs anymore.

Secondly, your headline is your call-to-action.

When you remember that engagement = free marketing, you’ll realize getting engagement is your whole point of posting!

And when you realize this simple fact, it becomes obvious why the great Facebook posters are always asking questions and requesting Likes, Comments, and/or Shares ON EVERY SINGLE POST they do.

If you want FREE marketing from your Facebook real estate page, make sure your headlines are telling people what engagement you want from them!

3. Your engagement results

Are you getting results with your posts?  It’s easy to see.  Just count up the number of Likes, Comments, and Shares on any given post on your Facebook real estate page.

Every one of those interactions is providing your business free marketing.

Make no mistake, free marketing is the primary goal of having a Facebook real estate page.

In the evolution of your page, you’ll likely see average interaction levels like the ones in the table below.

Page Likes Expected Engagement Level*
0 – 200 1 – 8 per post
201 – 500 8 – 15 per post
501 – 1,000 15 – 50 per post
1,000 – 3,000 50 – 100 per post

* Likes + Comments + Shares

Well?  How are you doing?

If you aren’t seeing these levels, or if you habitually have zero engagement your posts on your Facebook real estate page, it is likely your strategy needs improvement.

For a free evaluation of your Facebook real estate page and 15-minute demo of our system, sign up at the bottom of the page.

4. Gain more “insight” into your marketing statistics

Once you start building your engagement and your community of followers on your real estate page, use the built-in Facebook insights module for a quick summary of posting activity.

The Facebook insights module, which automatically activates once your Page hits 35 Likes, not only gives you a quick summary of your post’s engagement results (see bottom of image above), but it also gives you a summary list of the results of all of your post titles so you can quickly learn what posts work well and which don’t.

The great thing about Facebook’s insights analytics module, is that it is much easier to setup than Google Analytics.  In fact, there is zero setup at all with Facebook Insights.

A simple summary

I know you’re busy so I’m going to summarize the take-aways for you so you can get back to selling real estate.

  • How you post on Facebook real estate page is important
  • For more engagement and Likes, always post with a photo/video and a headline that prompts action by readers
  • Keep a close eye on the number of Likes, Comments, and Shares — they are ALL THAT MATTER
  • Use your Facebook Insights to learn more and to get better results from your Facebook posting

Want to get more Likes, more traffic and more business from your Facebook real estate page?

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 How to Post on Facebook Real Estate Pages

Facebook for Realtors: 10 Steps to Successful Wall Posting

facebook for realtors Facebook for Realtors: 10 Steps to Successful Wall Posting

Facebook for Realtors: Understanding how to post to your Facebook Wall is a critical step to getting and keeping a large fan base.

If we were to compare the rules of successful Realtor Facebook wall posting to, say, the Ten Commandments, they might look something like this.

1.Thou shall not bother posting without a picture or video

You heard that right — don’t even bother posting on your wall if you don’t have a picture or a video to go with it.
What you must realize is that there is SO MUCH content for people to review that people no longer read one-post-at-a-time. Instead, they “scan” material until something catches their attention, then they’ll stop and look closer.  When people are scanning, a picture will ALWAYS catch their attention before a block of text.
Once you realize your wall post is competing with hundreds of other posts in your fans’ personal news feeds in Facebook, you’ll realize if you’re not posting visual content that grabs your fans’ attention, you’re just wasting time.
When it comes to posting content on your wall, think Pinterest.
We firmly believe this #1 rule and we abide by it ourselves. Feel free to visit the Get 100 Listings fan page to see for yourself.

2.Thou shall make approximately 20% of your posts advertisements of your real estate services

In our Facebook for Realtors video training series, we often talk about how it is critical to “steer” your traffic and visitors to your lead capture pages.  With that in mind, be sure to remind your readers what services you perform for real estate buyers and sellers.
We recommend approximately 1 out of every 5 wall posts be an “advertisement” of what you do.
And when you’re reminding your fans of what you do, be sure to make it easy for them to connect with you.  How do you do that?  Be sure to include a link in your wall post that links directly to a lead capture page with a contact form on it.  Click here for an example.
One word of caution, do not bombard your followers with advertisements of what you do.  You want to periodically remind them, but your PRIMARY job is to entertain them and engage them with awesome content that they will want to ‘Like’, comment on, and share with others.

3.Thou shall be short and sweet with your headlines

To successfully use Facebook for Realtors, when you’re posting a title or headline for your wall post, be succinct.  Make a quick point and leave the rest to your fans’ imagination.
Why do we say this?
Remember, most people simply don’t have the attention span to read a huge block of text anymore.  And quite frankly, your time is too valuable to waste precious minutes writing it.
When creating a headline for your wall post, think Twitter.

4.Thou shall ask questions to be engaging

Do you think you can do that?
If you use Facebook and follow any successful brands, you’ve probably noticed how they are always asking questions with their wall posts. Why do they do this? Here’s the answer in two words: FREE MARKETING.
That’s right.  When someone ‘Likes’ your post, it tells their friends about your post. When someone answers your question by commenting on your post, it tells their friends. And when someone shares your original post, well, it obviously tells whomever they are sharing with.
What’s more, every ‘Like’, comment, or share of your post tells Facebook that your post is becoming more popular, and Facebook’s algorithms will start ranking your post higher and feeding it into more of your fan’s news feeds and rank it higher in news feed.

5.Thou shall ask others to take action

Now read this — all good marketing tells people what they should do next.  Most people refer to this as “A Call to Action”.

Realize it or not, your wall posting is marketing — so be sure to remind people what you want them to do.  Here are some examples:

  • ‘Like’ our post?
  • ‘Share’ this with someone who might need a good laugh
  • Fill in the blank. My favorite thing to do is___________

Remember, when someone performs the action you’ve asked, it generates free marketing for your wall post and your business.

6.Thou shall use the “Pin to Top” feature for your key real estate promotions

Facebook gives you the opportunity to feature one post in the top left position of your real estate business page for a period of 7 days.  This will be the first post anyone visiting your page will see so make sure it advertises something important about your real estate business.
To appropriately use Facebook for Realtors, remember, LEADS ARE EVERYTHING — so make sure your feature post has a call-to-action and a link to a lead capture page with a contact form.  Click here for an example of a powerful lead capture page using our system.

7.Thou shall NOT be boring like other Realtors

General updates about the real estate industry, latest mortgage rates, national supply of homes — what a yawner!  And probably 4 out 5 Realtors do it.
People don’t want boring news from you — they can get that anywhere.  If you want them to remember you and appreciate you, they’ll want 3 things from you.  They want to be entertained!  They want real value!  They want free stuff!
If you think general real estate news is entertainment, real value, or free stuff they want, let me be your voice of reason — you’re dead wrong.
When it comes to posting boring real estate news, “don’t be that guy!”

8.Thou shall post a good home deal or best buy regularly

When it comes to Facebook for Realtors, try to realize that people are creatures of habit and so are your fans.  If you want people to remember you and visit your page often, create a routine your fans will remember.  Here are a few ways that work:
  • Foreclosure Friday — post an album of photos each Friday for a great local Foreclosure deal. Be sure to tell your fans to ‘share’ it with anyone who might be looking for a great deal on a home.
  • Another Flippin’ Monday! — post fix-and-flip properties for potential investors
  • Saturday Evening “Post” — Post a special home for sale each Saturday night.  Remember, lots of pictures, little text, and a call to action like ‘call me to schedule a showing’
  • Monday Movers, Terrific Tuesday — you get the idea, right?

9.Thou shall steal, err, I mean, “borrow” great wall content

To have awesome wall content, you only need a few seconds if you know what you’re doing.  Here’s how to get awesome instant content for your wall.
  • Develop a list of Facebook Pages that share great wall content for homeowners
  • Find a wall post that you think your fans would like
  • While logged in as your business page, click the ‘Share’ link under the wall post you want
  • Add your own flair in the “Write something…” box
  • Click the Share button to post it to your business page wall

Try sharing some awesome wall content from these real estate related pages loved and followed by homeowners:

To successfully use Facebook for Realtors, ‘content is king’ so borrow content from the leaders who do it best in the industry.

10.Thou shall NOT be negative

Facebook for Realtors is not just about content, your tone means a lot too.  People can stop following you (i.e., ‘Unlike’ you) as fast as they can ‘Like’ you.  Don’t give them a reason to stop following because you let negativity show through in your posts.
When it comes to tone, you may wish to consider living and posting by these rules:
  • Being helpful is always permitted — unless you’re always helping yourself
  • Being funny is good — but making fun is not
  • Tugging heart strings works — but no one wants to cry
  • Leave politics to the politicians
  • Use foul language and you’ll ‘foul out’ fast

So what’s next?

When it comes to Facebook for Realtors, wall and post management is essential.  By posting great content frequently, you’ll engage your fans and they’ll give you free viral marketing while you sleep.

Do it right and you’ll see your fan base grow consistently. Do it wrong and your page could be stuck in neutral forever.

While wall posting is a critical component, it is just 1 piece of the Facebook social media formula that successful Realtors are using to grow their businesses fast.

If you want to learn about the complete Facebook for Realtors system, complete the form below for a FREE 15-minute online demonstration.

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 Facebook for Realtors: 10 Steps to Successful Wall Posting

Facebook custom tab: How to Move them

We often get the question, how do you move your Facebook custom tab apps on your Facebook page?  It's really quite simple once someone shows you. Watch the short video for details.

You see, it's like riding a bike — do it once and it's hard to forget.

If you still need help with your Facebook custom tab apps, we can help!  Contact us today!

Realtor Facebook Pages that Work

There’s a right way to build Realtor Facebook Pages and a lot of wrong ways.  Will you be part of the 5% that do it right?

iz cover Realtor Facebook Pages that Work

Develop a Facebook marketing strategy

If you’ve done any Facebook marketing you probably have an idea of what you’ll need to do to ensure that your visitors end up becoming customers — because that’s all that REALLY matters, isn’t it?

For example, are you providing anything of real value or are you just sharing the same boring real estate news that 9 out of 10 Realtors do?  Are you talking to too many different types of people (e.g., other Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, others) or are you focusing your offers, promotions, marketing messages and discussion to one key group?

If you stop and watch what other successful Realtor Facebook Pages do, you’ll quickly realize that the Page owner builds EVERYTHING on the page specific to its most important audience — it’s target market.  And you’ll quickly realize that they focus on providing real value, real service, and real fun for their target market.

Learn before you build

But if Facebook marketing is still very new to you, and you haven’t really figured out how to use your Realtor Facebook Page, you’ll want to take a few minutes to learn how to set up your page — the right way the first time.

Learn what’s critical to your Page success!  Sign up below for a free 15-minute online demonstration!

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 Realtor Facebook Pages that Work

Facebook: The 4-Step Page Formula for Realtors

When it comes to real estate lead generation, look no further than Facebook.

With over 900 million users and counting, Facebook is incredibly powerful.  But if you don't set up your Realtor Facebook page and marketing funnel correctly, you might just miss out on the #1 social media tool ever created.

Before you start developing your real estate Facebook page, layout a plan.  And while you formulate your Facebook plan for real estate lead generation, don't forget why you're building your page in the first place — to get real estate leads.  

So what is a "lead"?  It's an email address and/or phone number, right? So your plan had better involve ways to capture email addresses and telephone numbers.  In other words, if you don't have forms in your Facebook page, you don't have a good strategy.

The other fundamentals regarding a good Facebook page plan are as follows:

  1. Strategic use of your page name — your page name IS your marketing message so choose wisely
  2. You must have custom landing apps/tabs so you can insert a custom offer and your lead capture forms
  3. Use Fan Gate technology (e.g., Woobox.com) on your custom landing apps/tabs so visitors MUST like your page to view your special offer

There are really a lot more consideration for your Facebook real estate lead generation system so we've developed a free video to help you get started the right way, the first time.  Let us know what you think!

Free Video: The 4-Step Facebook Formula for Real Estate Lead Generation