Master Facebook Marketing and Build a Powerful Long-term Asset!

Here you will find our full portfolio of Facebook training materials.  This is the same formula that got us thousands of likes and hundreds of leads for our business in just months. If there is something you wish to learn more about that you can’t find below, please email us at and we will add a training video to the Vault.

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Want to Grow your Marketing Machine Fast?

You can do it in just 5 minutes and $5 per day — just implement videos 2C, 2E, 3A below.

  • If want want to expedite the growth of your page, we recommend setting up a Facebook Ad (Video 2C)  NOTE: If you pay for a web hosting account with a hosting provider like Godaddy, you probably have FREE Advertising Credits of $50 or more for Facebook — be sure to check your account and see if you do!
  • While your ad is running, be sure to post to your wall regularly to create engagement with your growing base of fans/follwers.  We recommend 1 post per day which takes less than 5 minutes per day (Video 2E).
  • Once you get a base of followers over 100 Likes, incorporate the lessons in Video 3A.


Welcome!  Getting Started with the Training Vault


  • We encourage you to watch all the videos in the Training Vault
  • But videos 2C + 2E + 3A can get you started fast!
  • Need help on a topic? Send an email to


Module 1: Basic Navigation & Page Set-up


Two Ways to Getting to Your Business Page

Video Reference#:  1A

  • There are 2 ways to get to your business page.
  • Visit your page as “yourself” when you want to change page or tab settings.
  • Visit your page by logging-in as your business when you want to socialize on your wall or other walls as your business for better marketing.


Complete your Page Settings

Video Reference#:  1B

  • Complete your page/business information from your Admin Panel. Choose Edit Page then Basic Settings.


Your Important LIKES Milestones – 25, 30, 100, 200 Likes

 Video Reference#:  1C

  • As your LIKES grow, some changes will occur with your page.
  • 25 LIKES = Choose custom URL
  • 30 LIKES = Insights/Analytics activation
  • 100 LIKES = On-wall promoted posts
  • 200 LIKES = Can no longer change the Page Name



Test your Contact Forms so you understand how (and if) they work

 Video Reference#:  1D

  • Test EACH of the contact forms on your landing pages to ensure they are working properly.
  • You can access your Forms online at
  • Your JotForm account information was sent to you in one of your Phase 2 documents.
  • Leads are instantly emailed to you and should appear in your inbox within 1 minute of the form submission.


Module 2: Building your Audience/ Getting Likes


Invite your Friends

 Video Reference#:  2A

  • Early in your page’s development, you will want to build a “nucleus” of followers.  Set your first goal at reaching 50 Likes.
  • We DO NOT recommend that you invite fellow real estate agents unless they live in your city.
  • If the agents live in your city, you will be able to reach their friends which will help your marketing reach.


Invite your Email list

 Video Reference#:  2B

  • Early in your page’s development, you will want to build a “nucleus” of followers.  Set your first goal at reaching 50 Likes.
  • Invite your Email list of prospects to LIKE/Follow your page.
  • You can use the built-in “Invite Email Contacts” function that Facebook provides, or you can simply send an email to your list with your Page’s URL noted in the email.


Use Facebook Ads to build your audience while you sleep

 Video Reference#:  2C

  • After inviting your friends and email list, it is time to expand your reach.
  • The fastest way is by using Facebook Paid ads.
  • This video focuses on using a “Like Campaign” which has the objective of building an Audience of followers/Likes.
  • If you are using our recommended Page Name and Awesome Home photos theme, you will be attracting people to your page with a message of FREE and amazing home photos for your city.
  • Try this example ad copy if you’re having trouble: ‘Like’ us for FREE [insert your city name] home designs, tips, and amazing photos!



Want FREE traffic?  Socialize on local high-traffic Fan Pages

 Video Reference#:  2D

  • Use your high traffic Page list to identify large groups of local people.
  • While logged in as your business, LIKE the best 20 – 30 pages from your list so their stories/posts fill your business page’s news feed.
  • Engage regularly with the stories/posts of those pages to get exposure to your business name and build a presence in local high traffic area.
  • Do not spam or ask for sales — you could be banned from the page by the page owner.  Let your Page Name do the selling for you.
  • This method represents FREE marketing but it requires a time commitment.


Post to your Wall to entertain your followers in 5 minutes per day or less

Video Reference#:  2E

  • One Wall Post per day is all you need.
  • This should take less than 5 minutes per day using our wall posting techniques
  • Use our Secret List of Fan Pages to find great photo content and put it on your Wall for your fans.
  • For other wall posting concepts, see Ten Commandments of Wall Posting for more info.


Module 3: Convert your audience into Leads

Method 1: Paid Promoted Post with a Link to your Landing Page in the headline

 Video Reference#:  3A

  • Start using promoted posts to build more engagement and more LIKES on virtually any wall post.
  • There are 2 ways to use Promoted Posts. 1) Use the ‘Promote’ button under a post for fast and easy promotions; or 2) Use the more powerful targeting options in the Ad Manager.


EXTRA INFO for Method 1: Using your mobile compliant links for more traffic

 Video Reference#:  3B

  • Use your mobile compliant links when advertising your landing pages to get more traffic from mobile devices (e.g., smart phones, etc.)
  • These links can be found in your tab application settings.
  • An example:


Method 2: FREE promoting of your services with Craigslist TrafficBooster banner ads

Video Reference#:  3C

  • Use your Craigslist TrafficBooster ads to pull in Buyers and Sellers from the “Real Estate For Sale” board in Craigslist to your Facebook Page.
  • With your purchase you were given a banner ad code for each of your landing pages.
  • You also get access to our FULL GALLERY of Craigslist TrafficBooster banner ads.


Mastering the Art of Wall Management

Funnel your Wall traffic to your landing pages/custom tabs

Video Reference#:  3D

  • Use the ‘Pin to Top’ feature to keep important promotions at the top of your timeline
  • Re-post your ads regularly to remind your followers of your services/promotions BUT do not overdo it. Remember to entertain first and sell second.


Photo Maintenance

Managing your cover photos

 Video Reference#:  3E

  • When you upload new cover photos, they are automatically put into a Cover Photos Folder on your Facebook Page.
  • You can access your Cover Photos Folder with the “Choose from photos” option when hovering over your cover photo.
  • Using different cover photos as the seasons change may be a good strategy
  • If you want a new or different cover photo designed for you, we will build you a new professional graphic for just $20.  Send an email to to order.


Managing your button/app/tab photos — reposition you buttons

Video Reference#:  3F

  • You can change the order or position of your landing page buttons.
  • You can either be logged-in as your business or operating as your personal self to do it.
  • The top row of buttons will get the most attention and should be used for your best promotions
  • Your business page can have at least 15 different custom landing pages and possibly more.

Size matters: Optimal Resolution/Size for your Photos

Video Reference#:  3G

  • Cover photo = 851w X 315h
  • Profile image = 180w x 180h
  • Wall photo = 403w X 403h or any larger square size
  • Button images = 111w X 74h
  • Highlighted wall post = 843w X 403h


Other Great Stuff – Tips & Tricks

“Tagging” other pages for more exposure

Video Coming Soon

What to post?  Pick stuff that’s working for others

Video Coming Soon

Using Fan Gates — Pros & Cons

Video Coming Soon

How to Add More FREE Tabs/Pages to your Facebook System

 Video Reference#:  4X

  • With our system in place, you can add additional pages/tabs FREE in just a few clicks.
  • Adding a new tab will give you a “blank canvas” to build a webpage inside your Facebook system.


Get more exposure to your Facebook Page using Wisestamp email signatures


  • See how you can get more marketing exposure to your Facebook Business Page with your email signature.
  • See how to automatically show your Facebook Page wall posts “dynamically” in your email signature
  • People can LIKE your page directly from your email signature.
  • People can COMMENT on your wall post directly from your email signature.
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