Realtor Facebook Pages that Work

There’s a right way to build Realtor Facebook Pages and a lot of wrong ways.  Will you be part of the 5% that do it right?

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Develop a Facebook marketing strategy

If you’ve done any Facebook marketing you probably have an idea of what you’ll need to do to ensure that your visitors end up becoming customers — because that’s all that REALLY matters, isn’t it?

For example, are you providing anything of real value or are you just sharing the same boring real estate news that 9 out of 10 Realtors do?  Are you talking to too many different types of people (e.g., other Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, others) or are you focusing your offers, promotions, marketing messages and discussion to one key group?

If you stop and watch what other successful Realtor Facebook Pages do, you’ll quickly realize that the Page owner builds EVERYTHING on the page specific to its most important audience — it’s target market.  And you’ll quickly realize that they focus on providing real value, real service, and real fun for their target market.

Learn before you build

But if Facebook marketing is still very new to you, and you haven’t really figured out how to use your Realtor Facebook Page, you’ll want to take a few minutes to learn how to set up your page — the right way the first time.

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 Realtor Facebook Pages that Work

Get More Traffic and Leads

Want more real estate traffic and leads? Then look no further than Facebook.

The power of social media and viral marketing is simply something that your website cannot do.  

And because the footprint of Facebook business pages are now large enough to host large amounts of custom content on landing pages/tabs, there is no longer a reason to waste money hosting a website.  

With our Facebook marketing system you can drive traffic into your Facebook Page using all of the top 3 free lead generation techniques available: Craigslist, Facebook marketing, custom IDX search landing pages!

If you are serious about growing your real estate business fast, watch our free traffic-getting technique videos to witness the best lead generation techniques available today.

Facebook: The 4-Step Page Formula for Realtors

When it comes to real estate lead generation, look no further than Facebook.

With over 900 million users and counting, Facebook is incredibly powerful.  But if you don't set up your Realtor Facebook page and marketing funnel correctly, you might just miss out on the #1 social media tool ever created.

Before you start developing your real estate Facebook page, layout a plan.  And while you formulate your Facebook plan for real estate lead generation, don't forget why you're building your page in the first place — to get real estate leads.  

So what is a "lead"?  It's an email address and/or phone number, right? So your plan had better involve ways to capture email addresses and telephone numbers.  In other words, if you don't have forms in your Facebook page, you don't have a good strategy.

The other fundamentals regarding a good Facebook page plan are as follows:

  1. Strategic use of your page name — your page name IS your marketing message so choose wisely
  2. You must have custom landing apps/tabs so you can insert a custom offer and your lead capture forms
  3. Use Fan Gate technology (e.g., on your custom landing apps/tabs so visitors MUST like your page to view your special offer

There are really a lot more consideration for your Facebook real estate lead generation system so we've developed a free video to help you get started the right way, the first time.  Let us know what you think!

Free Video: The 4-Step Facebook Formula for Real Estate Lead Generation