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Realtor Facebook Tip of the Day: Posting wall content is very important.  In fact, you’ve probably heard the saying by now: “Content is King”.

how to series post better Facebook Posting Tip

Realtor Facebook Tips

Why do people say this?  They say this for 2 primary reasons.

  1. High quality content drives engagement and it is engagement with your wall posts that gives you FREE viral marketing.  If people aren’t Liking, Commenting, or Sharing your posts, you’re not getting any free viral marketing from your current fans.  For a closer look at how just 1 simple wall post can get you free viral marketing, click here.
  2. High quality, visual content makes you appear more interesting to a new visitor who is deciding in a matter of seconds whether or not you are interesting enough to ‘Like’ and follow longer term.  If your wall is loaded with text and links, your page may appear boring and not worthy of a follow. PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS are the way to post effectively and look interesting.

For your Realtor Facebook tip of the day and info on how to post more effectively on your real estate Facebook Page wall, watch the free video below.

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 Facebook Posting Tip