#1 Real Estate Internet Marketing Platform?

When it comes to real estate internet marketing for the residential market, there are a lot of ways you can go. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist, WordPress/blog, Pinterest — good gosh, it can make your head spin!

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could make it easy and tell you where to focus your efforts?

Of course. But I'm here to tell you that you already know the answer, and I'm going to steer you to it by simplifying the question with a "back-to-basics" approach.

So then the basic, fundamental question about real estate internet marketing or any marketing for that matter is:

What makes any advertising/marketing platform effective?  

Three things — it must contain your target market (TM), it must allow you to group together your target market, and it must include the most people possible from your target market.

In other words, it must contain a lot of people you wish to do business with.  Make sense?

Well let's see which real estate internet marketing platforms do this best (4 stars = best):

Platform Contains Targ. Mkt Groups Targ. Mkt Lots of Targ. Mkt Comments
Facebook **** ** **** B2C platform with 80%+ of all local market
LinkedIn ** * ** LI is mostly a B2B platform, not B2C
Twitter *** * *** Hard to target groups
Craigslist *** **** *** Highly targeted group (real estate for sale)
Website/Blog * * * No internal traffic, must drive traffic to it








When it comes to residential real estate internet marketing, the winning platforms are clear: Craigslist and Facebook.

Craigslist might just offer the single most concentrated group of local buyers and sellers in one place.  So if you aren't using Craigslist to generate new real estate leads you're missing out.

On the other hand, Facebook represents the platform with the MOST PEOPLE from your target market, and it represents the platform where they spend the MOST TIME.  And while targeting home buyers and home sellers in Facebook is not as easy as with Craigslist, you would be wise to devote some time to learning how.

To learn how to get more traffic and leads from your real estate internet marketing by combining the power of both Craigslist and Facebook, watch the free videos here.

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