Want To Rent Now And Own Later?

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Want To Rent A Home Now And Buy It Later?
Now you can! Many homes are currently available on a rent-to-own basis through our Program. This program is available exclusively through Bill Drevyanko and Ngoc (Trina) Huynh – licensed Arizona Realtors. This program provides an opportunity for the non-prime customer to get on the path to home ownership. The ideal customer for this program has a deposit, and ability to make monthly payments but can't get a mortgage due to credit or underwriting issues.

Why would you consider a Rent-to-Own home?
Rent-to-own homes help everyone involved. Sellers get rental income from you while you repair your credit and/or prepare to buy. And *you* get an opportunity to save money on down payments and closing costs! It's a Win Win situation!

How exactly Does This Rent-To-Own Program work?
This was designed for customers who have recently had a foreclosure, short-sale, or bankruptcy or who are self employed and have difficulty documenting their income, but have at least a 5% deposit and an interest in purchasing a SFR home to personally occupy.

How do you find Rent-to-Own homes?
Many online property searches do not highlight rent-to-own or lease-buy options so they can be difficult to find. Our Special Rent-To-Own program has several ways that we locate properties.

1. As licensed real estate agents, we pay for special access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that gives us access to an incredible amount of information many do not have access to.
2. We have large numbers of investors who give us exclusive First Right Of Refusal on their properties.
3. We also have a large investment fund that will purchase the home You choose for cash and then rent it back to you through our exclusive Rent-To-Own program.

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