Facebook for Real Estate Agents: 5 Ways for More Traffic and Leads

facebook for real estate Facebook for Real Estate Agents: 5 Ways for More Traffic and LeadsUsing Facebook for Real Estate traffic and leads is quickly becoming the top choice of top Realtors.

Why?  The answer is simple.  It’s ALL ABOUT THE TRAFFIC.

With Facebook, there are a total of 5 different ways to drive traffic and get leads.  When you compare this with your website’s capability, it’s no comparison.

You see, your website can only drive traffic 1 of these 5 ways making Facebook 5x better when it comes to traffic and lead generation.

Let’s take a look at all 5 ways.

Viral Sharing

When it comes to using Facebook for Real Estate traffic and leads, you’ve gotta love the free viral advertising you get.  In our article about how to post better on Facebook, we explained how this viral sharing and viral marketing works.

The bottom line, anytime a person Likes, comments, or shares one of your wall posts, that activity becomes visible to the friends of that person.  Since each person has an average of 300 friends on Facebook, the free viral marketing of your Facebook Page can become very big very fast.

For more information on how a Facebook Wall Post works and how to the viral aspects work, view this Facebook for Real Estate blog post.

Socializing on High-Traffic Walls

The second way to get free exposure on Facebook for Real Estate traffic and leads is by socializing as your business page on other high-traffic Fan Pages in your local market.  There are likely other Fan Pages who have a much larger base of followers than your page.  By socializing as your Fan Page on their Fan Page with comments and posts, you are generating free exposure and marketing for your Real Estate page in a much larger way.

You may wish to watch our video to show you exactly how to do this.

Pull Traffic from Craigslist

The third way to use Facebook for Real Estate traffic has to do with using your Facebook Page tabs as a landing page just like your web pages do.  Once you realize you can link ads to ANY content hosted on Facebook tabs, you can place advertisements in the Craigslist Real Estate For Sale boards that link to your Facebook landing tabs for more free traffic and leads.

There are two advantages your Facebook Page has over your website in this regard.

  1. Your Facebook Page offers “social proof” meaning that people can see who you are, see other people interacting with you, and see how popular (Likes) you are.  These factors give you more credibility and give visitors more confidence in working with you as their Realtor.  Your website does not have these social proof elements.
  2. Your Facebook Page if free.  That’s right — while hosting your website content likely costs you between $50 and $100 per year, hosting content on your Facebook Page is free.

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Facebook Sidebar Ads

While the previous 3 Facebook for Real Estate methods are all free, the final two methods cost money.  That being said, the benefit with the paid methods is that it requires almost ZERO time to do — that’s right, it is automated.

The first of the paid methods is the Facebook sidebar ad.  You have probably seen them on the right side of your screen while on Facebook.

This method is absolutely fantastic for getting more likes (i.e., followers) for your business.  While this method can be fantastic, it comes with one big “IF”.

What’s the “IF” I’m talking about?

IF you set up your Facebook Page with the wrong strategy like 95% of Realtors do, you will blow through money with sidebar ads and get little results.

Fortunately, we have perfected the sidebar ad AND the page strategy for you.  Our sidebar ad will get your business new local homeowner followers at a cost of approximately $0.35 to $0.75 each.

If you want to learn about our perfected Page strategy so your sidebar ads are effective, sign up for a free online demonstration and we’ll show you EXACTLY how it works and even show you real life examples using our techniques.

Use Promoted Posts in Facebook for Real Estate Leads Daily

We saved the best for last.  Yes, the Facebook Promoted Post is probably the #1 advertising method available online for Realtors today!  And I realize that is a bold statement so I will back it up with proof.

If you want to see what a Facebook Promoted Post is and why it performs so well, see how 1 of our Realtor clients is getting leads almost every day using Facebook promoted posts.  Click here to watch the free video.


While Facebook marketing is still very new to many Real Estate Agents, using Facebook for Real Estate traffic and leads is extremely powerful.  If you want to see how you can dominate your market and jump past competing agents using our turn-key Facebook solution, sign up for your FREE ONLINE DEMONSTRATION and we’ll give you the 3-step Facebook for Real Estate formula for Agents like you.