Can You Double Your Seller Leads With Just 3 Clicks?

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In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to double your seller leads just 3 clicks. So let’s get started.

Where will you be using this technique?

You’ll be using it on Facebook, and if you’re not using Facebook , you really need to be. Facebook is now the most powerful way to get home seller leads online because it has every local consumer in your neighborhood. And Facebook users are on Facebook more than any other place online.

And with some of the changes in Craigslist, Craigslist is just not the advertising platform it used to be. You see, Craigslist has now banned your ability to post clickable links to your website and they’ve added a lot of other restrictions.

So Facebook is so now that the primary place to get seller leads online for your real estate business.

And what we’re looking at here is the Facebook advertising platform. It’s the first page when you get into the advertising system, and all you need to use this system is a Facebook business page (also known as a “fan page”).

So the seller leads technique shown in this video is something every Realtor could be doing. And the three clicks technique I’m going to show you applies to the “click to website” advertising method and “page post engagement” method.

For this demonstration, I will start with the “clicks the website” option. In this example, we just want to advertise a real estate web page. Maybe we advertise a “what’s your home worth” web page that we have on our website to get seller leads.

The first step is get a web page link — copy it, then paste it into this box. This is the URL we want to promote or advertise. Next, click this blue box below the link we pasted. The Facebook system will automatically pull in some details about the web page we’re advertising.

Create Your Facebook Ad

It’s time to scroll down a little to the next section where we will create our Ad.

For this step you want to have an advertising image if you’re not good with graphic design later this video show you how to get a custom advertising graphic done for you it’s fully compliant with the Facebook advertising platform.

Click “upload image”, and I will grab a graphic from my computer that I want to use as my advertisement. Once I’ve done that, I scroll down to create my Ad.

Now we choose the Facebook page that we want to advertise with in this section. Then we put in a short headline and a little more text for the body of our Ad.

Be sure to write something short and sweet like “get your home value free by email” when going for seller leads. Then select a call to action button like “Learn More”.

Choose Your Target Audience

Let’s move on to the “target audience” section.

This is where the three clicks method comes into play.

Facebook is just incredible because of the amount of targeting of your audience you can do.

The first thing you want to do is identify the local city that you want your seller leads from.

Then, we absolutely want to filter out teenagers in early twenties since this is a home seller leads advertisement we’re running.

So let’s just target people that are age 28 or over.

Now let me show you the three clicks to double your seller lead results… this is all very new in Facebook. You see, Facebook starting is becoming more and more powerful everyday here are the 3 clicks.

And remember, you want do this for every single seller advertisement or promotion you’re running to get more seller leads.

Click one, click two, and click three.

So what did we just do there?

We targeted just people who are classified as homeowners. So if you’re running a seller advertisement or seller leads promotion you certainly don’t want to be running it to renters.

You just want to run your ad to people who are currently homeowners — make sense right?

And with these 3 clicks, you are going to filter out a massive number of people who would otherwise never respond to your seller ad. And because of that, your ad is simply going to be much much more effective.

So you now know how to target all local homeowners in your city using Facebook ads. Now you just need a good seller lead capture promotion to advertise to them.

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    Good afternoon -
    I have a personal page and just started a business page “”, however; I don’t have it live yet. I want to be able to do this the right way and like what I see here. I”m a novice when it comes to this and don’t understand all of the language when it comes to downloading and uploading information. Can a novice truly do this and still find success with leads.

    Thank you,

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